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By Manima Bedford

Acrylic on Canvas (600mm x 445mm)

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Boundaries are something that I’ve only learnt about this year. My early childhood sexual assult stripted me of any agency I thought I had and no one in my family has ever really practiced setting healthy boundaries. I painted this on a night I had a very important convocation with my sister. She is someone I have always needed to set boundaries with as she is my first and most consistent bully. I told her that she needs to apologise to me about treating me badly during high school and after we left. I told her that being a cunt (as she puts it) is not who she is, it’s just who she chooses to be sometimes.

She has the choice to be different and better, but I’m not going to disrespect myself anymore by accepting non-apologies from her. The spaced out flicks are all the nervous energy I had to get out of my body after having that groundbreaking conversation, with of course the colour of fire as that’s what it felt like inside my body.

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Dimensions 600 × 445 mm


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