Summer Storm


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By Manima Bedford

Acrylic on Canvas (305mm x 405mm)

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The Kimberley doesn’t have the European seasons, we have bulurru (wet season), girinybali (rains finished), nganali (cold weather/dry), and barrangga (build up/hot season). During bulurru we get an extreme amount of rain, I’ve always loved it. The winds are blowing the smell of the rain before a cloud is in the sky, and when it does finally rain it’s like a lovely hot shower. You just want to stand and play in it. Bulurru is easily my favourite season because of this. The storms would be so powerful that maybe as an adult now I would feel the danger, but I have too many childhood memories of them being so exciting and the smell, so captivating.

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Dimensions 305 × 405 mm


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