We believe that healing and change is possible for anyone

Art to Healing works on the ground providing integrated and trauma-informed programs to women and children in shelters and drop-in centres. We conduct evidence-based research in our programs to deliver the most effective care to those affected by gender-based violence. We are building client-centred relationships, listening deeply and co-creating a network of skilled local women helping other local women to recover and empower each other.

Our organisation consists of a passionate team of volunteers working with local agencies, clinical services and families in country who provide vocational training, care and rehabilitation support to girls and women that have been impacted by sex slavery. We are committed to fostering sustainable, long term working relationships that enable this important work to continue in our absence.

Through expressive art therapies, awareness-based practices such as yoga, meditation, Somatic Experiencing™, reproductive and sexual health programs, we provide women and children with the resources to heal themselves and each other.

We’re committed to empowering woman and girls globally and believe that healing and change is possible for anyone, regardless of their circumstances. We support any female who has experienced sexual trauma and abuse, to realise her hopes and dreams, heal her body, and in turn ripple positive change throughout her community.

Expressive Art Therapies
Yoga and Mindfulness
Yoga & Mindfullness
Women’s Reproductive Health



Art to Healing is committed to building strong, life-long relationships founded on trust, empathy and mutual respect with our partner organisations and the many women and children we work alongside that have been severely impacted by sex slavery and exploitation.

Art to Healing listens deeply to the stories told by the women and children we meet.

Through doing so, we build compassionate, genuine, trusting relationships that enable the care and support we deliver to be greatly successful. We have witnessed remarkable transformation and growth in the girls and women that were once living in shelters and working in the confines of terrifying brothers.

Many of these astonishing women are now counselling other women through their trauma.

It is truly magical to see. Many of these women however, who are now leaders in their communities continue to experience debilitating flashbacks, crippling depression, terrifying nightmares and palpable anxiety.

Our task is to provide our local leaders with access to the best education, training and resources available.

We ensure that they can continue to provide vital support and care to the women and children in their communities. This includes therapy to the leaders, many of whom were also sex slaves. Ensuring the wellbeing of the women who support other women and children makes our work sustainable.

We are fueled by the transformation we see to keep working alongside our outstanding partner organisations in developing and delivering programs that fill gaps and add value to the work already underway in local communities.

Our Story

We have had the enormous privilege of working with over 40 different partner organisations and countries globally.

We have worked with international partners in:

  • Laos PDR
  • Cambodia
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Burma
  • Nepal
  • India
  • Australia

Watch Art to Healing CEO and Founding Director, Atira Tan’s TED X Talk:

Inspired Action from the Heart.

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We are run by a small and awesome team of volunteers who put a whole lotta love, passion and commitment into what we do! We believe that change is always possible, and we do what we love, and support each other in doing so.

We hope you’ll join us!