We are on a mission to create a world free of sex slavery, exploitation and abuse.

As you read this:

35.8 million people around the world are ensnared in the web that is human trafficking. (Rosell, P & Larsen, J. 2014)

1.2 million children are trafficked every year, this is in addition to the millions already held captive. (UNICEF, 2011)

Every 2 minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation. (Chawla, A. 2015)

The average age of a trafficked victim is 12-14. (US Department of Justice, 2017)

Approximately 30 million children have lost their childhood through sexual exploitation during the past 30 years. (Chawla, A. 2015)

The average life span of a child I the sex slave trade is just 2 years. Children are either beaten to death, contract HIV/AIDS, bacterial meningitis, or overdose on drugs forced on them. (Manna Freedom, 2013)

This, none of this is ok with us!

We are on a mission to create a world free of sex slavery, exploitation and abuse.

We are committed to creating a world where women and girls are respected and valued.

Where women love and have compassion for themselves regardless of the abuse they have suffered.

A world where women and girls can heal and recover from their traumatic pasts alongside other women.

In the absence of effective mental health and trauma informed care, many women and children find it difficult if not impossible to find a way out of the vicious web that is sex slavery.

Our mission is to make the impossible, possible.

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Art to Healing provides trauma-informed care and mental health support of the highest quality.

This care is vital if women and girls are to recover from their traumatic pasts, build resilience and imagine new possibilities for their lives, that are free from fear, abuse and exploitation.

Without the effective care and support of a trained health therapy professional, community support and a solid foundation of safety, women and girls frequently return to sex slavery.

We are not prepared to let this happen.



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Every girl and woman
deserves to determine their future

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