A little bit about us

Art To Healing was created in 2005 by Expressive art therapist and yoga teacher, Atira Tan.

The project employs the Expressive Arts Therapies and awareness-based practices, such as yoga, mindfulness, and Somatic ExperiencingTM to facilitate transformation, self-awareness and trauma recover, so that girls and affected by sex trafficking and exploitation can step away from the vicious cycle of slavery, and live normal and empowered lives.

Our main focus is the healing and re-education of trafficked women and children who have been raped and exploited and are suffering severe trauma.

We use a broad variety of creative mediums such as painting, drawing, movement, dance and creative writing to nurture self exploration and self development. We believe that the body is vital in healing trauma, and we employ awareness – based techniques such as yoga, meditation and somatic based therapies in our work.

Our Vision

Art to Healing’s vision is a world free from sexual slavery and servitude, and to live in a world of compassion, justice, empowerment and freedom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high quality of care, support and psychological intervention to individuals who suffer from a range of emotional, psychological and behavioural problems due to trauma, grief, loss and sexual abuse.