Hira Dahal

Director and Nepal Program Manager

With over 13 years of experience in working with women and girls who have experienced sex exploitation, trafficking and slavery, Hira Dahal is passionate about ending trafficking and gender-based discrimination in Nepal. She has devoted her life working for women and girls who need support in Nepal, and has been steering and coordinating Art to Healing art therapy projects for trauma recovery, self-care, reproductive health and earthquake recovery in Nepal for the past 8 years.

A deeply empathetic and caring individual, Hira has worked in various sex trafficking organizations in Nepal in various capacities, including as a program officer in Shakti Samuha, an organization established and run by trafficking survivors. She has since renewed and directed CAP Nepal with new vision of empowering women, and more recently,she founded  Chhori, and through her dedicated work, introduced numerous programs for the rehabilitation, care and reintegration of women and girls who have experienced sexual exploitation and slavery.

The scope of her work has included supporting the recovery of women and girls in the entertainment sector, and is an active advocate in Nepal for gender discrimination, specifically in the male preference culture. After being abused by her family members after the birth of her second daughter, she experienced first-hand the systemic effects of violence on this issue. She is also passionate about helping women care and love themselves, and works hard at reversing the menstrual taboo through the education system and remote communities of Nepal.

Hira lives in Kathmandu with her husband and two beautiful girls, and serves the mission of ending sex slavery and exploitation tirelessly with her team at Chhori.