Tara Emmerson

Director & Systems and Volunteer Manager

Tara obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 2008 with a focus on Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Sociology and Femininsm. She also has A Diploma in Visual Art, a Graduate Diploma in Primary Education and is a qualified meditation teacher and art therapist. Also has a strong background in business systems and management.

She has a deep passion for women’s issues and is passionate about the safety of children and animals all over the world. She has a keen interest in cultural and sexual trauma, particularly deeply entrenched patterns passed from generation to generation.

Tara started off as a trained artist and gallery owner with a background in business administration. In 2001 she held her first solo art exhibition titled ‘Letters from My Womb’ where 12 out of the 15 paintings were sold. The purpose of this exhibition was to help women reclaim their sexuality.

In 2007, she was further trained by leading Australian abstract artist, Yvonne Audette, and in 2008, she received interest from commercial art galleries in Melbourne but declined after her 6 year old dog was diagnosed with kidney failure. Instead, she chose to further her study into the relationship between art and health.

She is passionate about creating art exhibitions and workshops where art is not merely a commodity, but rather a medicinal tool for the mind, body and spirit. She enjoys using space to creating community, feed the soul and bring people together.

She lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her husband, three dogs, two cats, four turtles and too many chickens. Many of the animals were rescued.