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By Manima Bedford

Acrylic on Canvas (600mm x 900mm)

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Connecting with my younger self was something that was once an extremely forgein concept to me. I didn’t know how to do it and the thought of it made me a bit anxious, just because I didn’t know how to. This is the second painting I created with my inner child at the forefront. I chose the colours I was feeling like on that day, sat down and cleared my mind. I pictured my younger self sitting next to me and each time I felt like adding a new colour I asked her. I could picture my younger self so clearly cheering and yelling for the bright colours, being unapologetically vibrate. And I pushed that into my painting.

This western world wasn’t built for Indigenous women, and that’s reinforced when we are told that we are ‘too loud’, ‘too proud’, or just ‘too much’.

But my fire and enthusiasm are brilliant, and I will be taking up as much space as I deem fit

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Dimensions 600 × 900 mm


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