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By Manima Bedford

Acrylic on Canvas (450mm x 600mm)

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This was painted at the beginning of the year when it was still very easy for my family to enrage me. I broke up with my ex of four years in 2020 and my family was having a hard time letting go of that. It was painful and tough because it felt like they were actively not taking my side and not supporting me. They kept bringing him up for no reason, the fact that they missed him? He was a shitty partner, but I’m far from a place where if a man doesn’t hit you that makes me good. Low bar.

My mother had been bringing him up again, and I got enraged, except this time I went outside and painted my rage so it wouldn’t consume me. It worked extremely well, and whenever I’m angry, it always calms me to look at it.

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Dimensions 450 × 600 mm


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