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By Manima Bedford

Acrylic on Canvas (400mm x 500mm)

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I have always been a very outgoing person. I’ve always been up for meeting new people, and I’ve always been someone who’s keen on sharing myself with others, like my culture, who I am, where I am from.

I’ve done this for so long I didn’t even realise how draining it was on myself. To always put myself out there, and this colony isn’t kind to Indigenous peoples. I’ve always wanted to be liked by others, especially people with some kind of racial prejudice. I wanted to be the one to change them and show them the light, I thought this was a part of my job as a young Aboriginal person. It is absolutely not at all, I am no obligation to share any part of my sacred self to anyone. I painted nesting when I first came to truly feel and understand this, nesting within myself was new to me and I was loving it.

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Dimensions 400 × 500 mm


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