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Art to Healing is delighted to offer our

Business Donation Partnership Programs:

For Socially Minded Business and Community Partnerships Initiative.

How does it work?

It’s completely up to you.
You might choose to donate a percentage of your monthly profits to Art to Healing, so as
to ensure the sustainability of our art and therapeutic programs for women and girls
affected by sex slavery and exploitation


We love the Pay it Forward Model if you own a small business as a teacher or
involved in the healing arts with women.
Pass on the love by sponsoring ONE woman to attend our Women’s Transformational
Program for every woman that attends and completes one of your programs or
purchases a package of services.

Yes, it’s One for One.

Paying it Forward

It only costs $150 to sponsor ONE Woman to attend
our 10 day Therapeutic & Leadership Programs.
It only costs $75 to sponsor ONE Woman to attend
our 5 day therapeutic programs.

Our Programs

To learn more, and join us in our Socially Minded Business and Community
Partnership initiative, please email us at atira@theart2healingproject.org.
We will be in touch within two to three business days.

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      woman deserves to

      determine their


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